Read the Bible in 1 Year

Report Date: March 10, 2013

Oftentimes as the Word is taught,  we hear a corporate word for the whole body, and other times it is an individual word that may speak to a certain situation or a certain group,  and still at other times, it is a personal word that speaks directly to you and your situation.  What you will need to use your S.O.A.P.  1.  Your Bible    2.  A  Notebook (Journal)   3.  20 minutes

Directions for using your S.O.A.P.

Select a scripture or read our daily scriptures – and choose a verse.

Observe – Tell what you think is happening in the scripture

Answer the question:  How does this scripture apply to my life

Pray about what you read


*Please take 10 minutes to read the scriptures and 10 minutes to do your Observation, Application, and Prayer.  Write all information in your S.O.A.P. Journal.

We have prepared a brochure to help you with your personal studies. This study method guarantees you will develop a better understanding of God’s Word instead of just reading words on a page.

Download Brochure